Houghton Dairy Lane are League Champions

Congratulations to Houghton Dairy Lane who with two matches still to play and following a convincing 10-0 win at home against Mainsforth at the weekend have secured the League Championship making it a hat-trick of three consecutive wins.

15th August 2016

Durham County Council Bowls Facilities

Stephen Howell, Head of Culture & Sport, wrote to club representatives on 3rd August 2016 to update them with the Council's current position about managing its stock of bowling greens.

The good news is "the current funding for the upkeep of greens and pavilions will continue for the 2017 season".

However beyond 2017 there is no guarantee of future funding and in the meantime there is no capital works to buildings.

Contact your club secretary for a full draft of the letter.

10th August 2016

Saturday, 23rd July 2016 - Online Results Form

There is an ongoing fault with the online results form service today which is a Server Error.

I have to contact the company which provides the service after the weekend.

Please accept my apologies.

(This problem was resolved within a few days and the online results service was restored before Sat 30th July matches).

23rd July 2016

Saturday, 11th June 2016 - KO Pairs & Other KO Matches

There are no League Matches today as it has been set aside for Knockout Matches particularly Mens Pairs to be played.

21st May 2016

Saturday, 21st May 2016 - Millennium Trophy Day

There are no League Matches today as it has been set aside for the Millennium Trophy Preliminary Round to be played.

The Millennium Trophy is two rinks of three wood triples playing 18 ends with the result determined by highest aggregate score.

The following rule change was made at 2015 AGM:-

"The Challenger shall nominate one designated rink number to play an extra end before the draw is made for rinks. The extra end should only be played if the game is a draw".

see draw:Knockout Competitions 2016

download:Millennium Trophy Rules

21st May 2016

Knockout Competitions 2016:

Play-by dates and Sat 11th June 2016

Apart from those below all KO Competitions Match Rounds have a closing date and all ties must be played on it or beforehand.

Three Saturdays have been set aside for particular Knockout Competition matches to be played.

1. 14th May, Millennium Cup (Prelim Round); 2. 11th June, Mens Pairs; 3. 2nd July, Millennium Cup (First Round).

Unless mutually agreed (by both parties) the specified matches must be played on those designated Saturdays.

As the dates, start times and venues for these are fixed there is no need for either Challenger or Opponent to make arrangements - just turn-up on the day as you would for a league fixture.

These designated Saturdays can also be used to play other League KO ties.

(For details of the Rules for KO Competitions see Menu item 'Rules' - see Rule 7.4 Competitions).

16th May 2016

Knockout Competitions 2016

The draw for the seven Knockout Competitions has been made and has been published to the web. It is available from the link below.

Knockout Competitions 2016

13th May 2016

Fixtures 2016

Fixtures for all three divisions are available as downloads. These are in Excel 97-2003 format and a single page for easy viewing.

Division One

Division Two

Division Three

28th April 2016

Millennium Cup 2016

At the 2016 Spring Meeting it was agreed to incorporate the early rounds of the Millennium Cup KO competition into the League fixtures and play them on prescribed dates.

This means that both the preliminary and first rounds must be played on those dates - not earlier and not later.

Millennium Cup Draw 2016

26th April 2016

Spring Meeting - Sat 26th March 2016

The 2016 Spring Meeting will be held at Vane Tempest Bowls Club on Saturday, 26th March 2016 starting at 10.00am.

Spring Meeting Agenda

23rd March 2016

Heavy Greens or Heavy Bowls

By request this article is repeated from last season

There has been a lot of talk about heavy and even unplayable greens over recent weeks since the start of the season. This is not unusual. Late April and early May is often subject to showers and greens are generally softer at this time. However this year the problem was worsened by the long Winter and cold Spring which set back preparation work by several weeks. Grass was not growing and frost damage to the surface had not been rolled flat. Plus heavy and regular periods of rain made it hard work to reach a full length at many clubs.

Consequently many bowlers have had problems with their deliveries. This has caused complaints of strains to arms, backs and genuine discomfort and lack of enjoyment. It is often heard that bowling should be a skillful and pleasant pastime.

So what is the answer? Bowlers can certainly help themselves. For example is it reasonable to expect one set of bowls to be suitable for all the diverse conditions, weather and greens one has to combat outdoors. I do not think so and before anyone mentions it the indoor game is quite different. In comparison variations are minimal.

How can an indoor carpet possibly compare with a soft early season outdoor challenge? The difference in weight is mind blowing yet the size 4 and 5 heavies (so far this year I've even seen size 6 and 7) are trooped out in the wet and cold and surprise, surprise it's a struggle to reach the head. Then the moaning begins.

To my mind the sensible approach is to be prepared with a choice of bowls to meet differing conditions. No two greens are the same and the weather is also a factor to consider. A clever bowler is ready to adapt to the circumstances he finds on the day. If he has a choice from which to select, when appropriate, a smaller, lighter or swingier bowl he has an advantage over his opponent. Being able to comfortably hold and deliver to any length without strain and risk of injury makes the game more enjoyable.

How many of us have turned up for a match and wished we had something else in the bowls bag!

1st June 2013

Ken Briscoe

Dairy Lane

KO Competition form